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Benefits of Online Counseling


Online counseling refers to counseling services through the internet and includes emails, web cameras and chat rooms.Online counseling goes with many names like web counseling, cyberspace counseling, e-counseling, e-therapy, and Tele-counseling.There is increasing debate about its effectiveness in comparison to traditional counseling. To try balance this discussion, this article will look into some of the benefits of online counseling.


The Benefits


Online counselling dubai is accessible to all those who wish to use it.Web counseling overcomes the barriers that may hinder others from seeking therapy.For instance, people that live in rural or remote areas where there is no counseling service can significantly benefit from the accessibility of the web therapy. Also, people that are physically disabled or can't leave their homes for various reasons can also easily access such services with little inconvenience.It has also shown some effectiveness in encouraging children and teenagers to receive therapy as they seem more comfortable using the internet.




Online counseling is convenient. Both the therapist and client have the convenience of corresponding with each other a range of varying times. Online therapy can take away the hassle of scheduling and setting appointments which is common in traditional settings.It also creates an opportunity for the online relationship counselor to extend their services to more clients as appointments can be potentially scheduled over 24 hours and reach a larger geographical area.


Social Stigma

Web counseling may also be useful in eliminating social stigma associated with receiving therapy. People that are uncomfortable with receiving treatment can get access to online counseling sessions in private without having to visit the center. It allows counseling to take on a whole different image when done in the comfort of the clients home through their PC.It also reduces the stigmatization of the client without having to be seen by others in the waiting bay, the staff or any person that will be walking through the door.




Online counseling has been shown to be more economical for both the therapist and the client.This is mostly on the side of therapists who are unwilling or can't afford to rent a commercial space. This lowers their overhead costs of property, capital, commuting and administration procedures.


Numerous ways of communication

Most internet communication is in the written form. Online therapy, which mainly uses emails or chat rooms as means of communication, allows both the client and the counselor to pay close attention to what they are about to communicate and reflect on their thoughts and feelings before expressing them.This is a suitable way particularly to those clients who find it difficult to express themselves through words.